Thursday, August 22, 2013

Autism Daddy on Facebook

Autism Daddy on Facebook

Page Name: Autism Daddy
Owner: Anonymous Autism Father
Start Date: April, 2011
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Location: New York City, New York
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I'm a 43 year old dad with a 10 year old son with severe autism. My wife is an Autism Mommy Rock Star! But she doesn't like me RANTING about autism too much on Facebook to our friends & family. So I've created this anonymous Page with which to rant about autism and celebrate my son "Kyle" :-)
Sometimes I'll write something in an attempt to help/teach others in this similar situation. And sometimes you may not agree with everything I write about, and that's ok, but just remember that I'm posting as a dad, not some sort of autism expert.

Wed 8:07pm -- The king is lying on the couch watching Jack's Big Music Show.

We got home from the hospital around 1pm and he's been napping on & off ever since.

And when he's up he's kinda zombie like. The combo yesterday of anesthesia & morphine for the surgery will do that to ya. And then he's still getting his antiseizure meds on top of that which normally make him sleepy.

But otherwise... he's in good spirits, seems to be in no pain, and is not messing with the two bandages at all which is great since they need to be on for 5+ days.

He's really been a trooper thru this whole thing.

It's funny, but the king really rises to the occasion for the big things like hospital stays...

Normal things like a dr appointment or an X-ray...not so much...forget about it...those he can't handle that....but surgery? No problem.  (Autism Daddy, Posted on August 21, 2013)

Note: "The king" is the nickname of Kyle, who has autism and is the son of Autism Daddy.

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