Monday, August 19, 2013

Autism Discussion Page on Facebook

Autism Shares #4 is Autism Discussion Page on Facebook
Owner: Bill Nason
Start Date: May 4, 2011
Likes: 32,005
Talking About This: 6,912
Location: Flint, Michigan
Page Description: 
This page was developed by Bill Nason, MS, LLP to discuss tools that help children on the spectrum feel safe, accepted and competent. Although each child is different, with their unique strengths and challenges, their are some common strategies that can strengthen the social, emotion, and cognitive security for most children on the spectrum. Come learn, share, and support.

As your child's voice I "thank you!"

Parenting a child with autism takes courage and passion! It pulls out the worst in you, as well as the best in you. One minute you hate it, the next minute you embrace it. You steam with anger, and excel with excitement. You anguish over the challenges your children experience, but marvel at their endurance and passions. Your child teaches you to view love, life, and happiness in a different light.

The nice thing about doing this page is I know every parent, relative, teacher, and friend on here has a true love for the children. If you didn't, you would not be on here seeking to learn and share. The unique qualities of your children test your wisdom, nerves, and honesty. But the more challenging the task, the deeper the passion. For your children's sake, I thank all of you for being here for them, advocating for them, and most importantly "loving" them with so much passion! Without your love and guidance they would never be able to navigate this chaotic world. In ways that you may not realize, you are truly blessed to see and feel the world with so much passion! For your children, I thank you! (Bill Nason, Posted on August 18, 2013)

Autism Shares Honors Autism Awareness in Social Media.

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