Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Autism Spectrum Quarterly Magazine on Facebook

Autism Spectrum Quarterly Magazine on Facebook
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Your Gold Standard Autism Resource! The one and only MAGAJOURNAL...ASQ has the readibility & interest of a MAGAZINE with the substance & depth of a professional JOURNAL. Subscribe today at: www.ASQuarterly.com

Digital version of ASQ NOW out; available on both Apple and Android platforms! In addition to a fascinating interview with UK-based, Dr. Uta Frith, the fall back-to-school / work issue of ASQ has a great article from psychologist, Dr. Karen Levine, on how to treat fears and phobias associated with blood draws and shots. The information provided can also be used to treat fears related to haircuts,nail trimming, and the like. And there is a wonderful how-to article on generalizing social skills to real-world settings from authors with well-established know-how: Drs. Keith Radley, Director of the SMART Lab; William R. Jenson, lead author of SUPERHEREOS SOCIAL SKILLS; and Randy Sprick, primary author of the Safe & Civil Schools series. More highlights to follow. (Autism Spectrum Quarterly Magazine, Posted on August 21, 2013)

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